What Are You to Do with Your Eternal Life?

You are an eternal being having an Earth phase of your eternal existence.† Knowing that, what are you to do with your life on Earth?

The mystics and those on the next planes of life tell us that the purpose of life is to grow spiritually, to help others grow spiritually, and to evolve humankind so all societies on the Earth plane enjoy peace, brotherhood, love, and compassion. Bliss, confidence in our eternal natures, loss of all fears, elimination of disease, peace, elimination of all violence, and love and brotherhood among all people will follow as natural consequences.† They are the fruit.† Spiritual maturity is the tree.

As we grow spiritually, we come to know that all others are one with us and with the Higher Power.† We become energized and empowered by the Higher Power in ways we now donít understand and arenít open to yet.† That will change us and humankind.

The Earth is a school, and we are the students.† Our purpose is to learn in this school so we progress spiritually and help humankind progress spiritually.

Some religions and individuals suggest that our purpose in life includes considerations other than those described by people now in the afterlife.† We have clear descriptions of eternal life and the afterlife now in recordings of people on the next plane of life speaking and in the descriptions given to mediums.† We know what is true now and what has come from the imaginations of people through the centuries.† The most prominent assertions taught by religions and individuals that are not supported by those in the afterlife follow.

Those speaking from the afterlife do not describe our purpose in life as becoming perfected so we merge into a super-consciousness or ground of all being.† They describe themselves as being exactly the same after death as they were before, progressing through eternity in spiritual development as the individuals they were on Earth, but on a vast number of unique spheres that the individual enters according to his or her state of mind.† They do describe group souls and developing into higher planes of being, but they always maintain their individuality.† During some of the periods of their eternal lives, they explain, they may have experiences as other individuals to grow and mature spiritually, but the core person remains.† Loved ones stay with them and they have access to both those who have gone into the afterlife before and those still alive on the Earth plane, although they can't freely interrupt the lives of people still engaged in learning lessons on the Earth plane.

Those in the next planes of life do not describe the purpose of life as progressing individually in spirituality without progressing with a community.† None suggest asceticism or becoming a hermit as desirable means of growing spiritually.† They speak of simultaneous development in individual spiritual maturity and in brotherhood and peace in humankind.† We are to love and be loved in a spiritual community.

They do not describe the purpose of life as becoming increasingly adept at withdrawing mentally into an altered state.† Meditation seems to be useful in helping some people learn about the self and become open to inspiration, but the purpose of life isnít to lose the Earthly realm or remove the self through a meditation practice.† The descriptions of life by those on the next planes of life are of eternal life continuing in a form just as it is now, with us and our loved ones growing in love, peace, and brotherhood as we live ordinary, everyday lives.† We are not to withdraw from life and eradicate the self.

However, it is true that in the process of growing spiritually, we need to give up on the assumptions about ourselves, life, existence, and the Higher Power that we were taught by society in the physical realm.† That physical-realm self is filled with illusions about whom we are, and to grow beyond it into love, compassion, and wisdom, we must give up on the Earthly self we grew into from childhood.† When it is removed, we will know our eternal self that we will grow into more perfectly over time.

They clearly state that the truth of the universe comes from within, and luminaries such as Yeshua ben Yosef describe the path people can take to their own, individual spiritual maturity.† They speak about Yeshua often, with great reverence, as the teacher whose insights will help people grow spiritually.

The mystics and those on the next planes of life do not talk about a hell or Divine judgment.† Those are simply primitive tribal myths.† Our purpose in life is not to get into heaven and avoid hell.† You can read more about that at http://ebook.youreternalself.com/chapter5.htm.

By growing in spiritual maturity, we are also preparing for the transition to the next plane of life.† In our society today, most who cross over to the next plane are completely unprepared for what happens to them.† Many are bewildered and have difficulty adjusting.† Often, they have left unfinished business behind on the Earthly plane because of our backward attitude towards death.† People feel they need to be confidant in a miracle cure, so they donít speak openly with the dying about their deaths.† Many are uncomfortable with talking about death, so they whisper comments out of earshot of the dying person and try to "keep on a happy face" when with them.

People need to understand the death transition well before the time when they experience it.† Death is only a doorway into the next phase of eternal existence.† It should be talked about openly, with sadness at the temporary separation, but also with confidence and anticipation.† Death will be a time of wonderful reunions and leaving behind pain and suffering.† It will be a new beginning, with new experiences.

As we grow spiritually, we participate in helping humankind evolve into a compassionate community with people who are servants to all others and love unconditionally.† This community will be a heaven on Earth where people support and aid each other without judgment or condemnation.† We cannot have that society in our lifetimes; humankind is too far from it.† However, we can begin the slow, steady movement toward this future kingdom by growing spiritually as far as we can now.

In that way, we will be helping our descendents enjoy a heaven on Earth.† Year by year and century by century, they will become more blissful, loving, peaceful, free of the need to deceive, free of anxiety, fear, and worry, and free of the fear of death.† But we must begin the journey.

In a few generations, all of our descendents will know without reservation that they are eternal beings having an Earth period of their eternal lives.† There will be no conflict, violence, deceit, mistrust, wars, fear of death, self-centeredness, or exclusion because of race, creed, or nationality.† Instead, there will be unconditional love of people for one another, a profound feeling of brotherhood with an international spirit, the desire for peace, and a deeply felt desire to be a servant to everyone else.† In that idyllic society, no one will feel unloved or excluded.† All will be welcome in all circumstances.† When tragedy strikes, everyoneófamily, community members, and strangersówill rush to serve and help.† There will be no need for insurance; everyone will contribute to recreate what was lost.† There will be no need for money or bartering.† All will give freely what they have.† There will be no lawyers.† Everyone will live in harmony.† Every person will be a humble servant; no one will be a king.

That is the heaven on Earth that is in humankindís destiny.†

The answer to the question of what you are to do during this Earth phase of your eternal life is to learn the lessons that will enable you to grow to be as spiritually mature as you can be, help everyone you meet to grow as well, and help all of humankind develop toward the heaven on Earth that is in humankindís future.† You can learn more about our purpose in life at http://ebook.youreternalself.com/chapter5.htm.


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