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Chapter 1
Where Are You?

Guided Meditation

Experience the depth of life memories you have stored in your mind by going through a meditation narrated by Craig Hogan. You'll take a tour of a place in which you grew up. More . . .

Meditation Music

Meditation music used in the guided meditations and freely available for download or to listen to online are available. More . . .

Chapter with Color Photographs of the Author's Remote Viewing Sessions

You can see Chapter 1 of the book with color photographs of the Author's remote viewing sessions inserted where references are made to them at this link:

Chapter 1 text with color photographs

Further Evidence Memory Is Outside the Brain: Memory Has No Ceiling

One of the convincing facts that suggests the memory is outside the brain is that there seems to be no ceiling on the amount of memory someone has access to. However, people display almost unlimited memory, a feat that should be impossible with the limitations on memory in the brain. Brad Williams is an example. He can recall minute details from his entire lifetime. More . . .

Remote Viewing

Link to the author's remote viewing sessions, sessions by acknowledged masters, remote viewing resources, and a remote viewing test. More . . .

Research About Where You Are

Additional research about where your mind is. It includes studies of telepathy by Rupert Sheldrake

More . . .

List of Child Prodigies

Go to this link to see a list of child prodigies on Wikipedia
List of child prodiges . . .





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