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Chapter 7
How Do You Grow Spiritually?

More About Assumptions and Perspectives

The book contains a basic explanation of assumptions and perspectives. More complete explanations are available on this Web site. They explain

  • that we create characters for our realities and interact with other people based on them
  • that we stay with people who play the games we want to play that fit our realities and avoid people who won’t play by the rules
  • the need some people have to control
  • how some people relive traumatic events
  • what nonsense and crazy beliefs are
  • how basic needs create fears
  • how people develop strategies to avoid feeling the fears
  • some deep-seated urges and drives are that people have
Read about assumptions and perspectives.


Can Religions Contribute to Individuals' and Humankind's Spiritual Growth?

Religion has been the keeper of spirituality throughout humankind's history. Today, the centers of activities we think of as spiritual are the church or temple buildings, the religious functionaries associated with them, and the organizations to which the churches belong. It would seem that religions should have some place in helping individuals and humankind grow spiritually. However, asking what role they can play is asking the wrong question. More . . .

Meditation and Spiritual Growth

Meditation can help some people feel closer to the Higher Power, more relaxed, and more open to learning. However, it is not necessary for spiritual growth. This link contains an explanation of that fact and some cautions people have expressed about meditation.About meditation

Fill Your Life with Spiritual Experiences and People

Read books and watch media that contain accounts by people who have had spiritual experiences such as ADCs, NDEs, healings, psychic realizations, and sessions with mediums. There are many wonderful DVDs and books available today in which people describe what has happened to them. You will learn from them and understand more about the greater reality and eternity.

A list of suggested resources is available now and will be kept up to date to help give you greater understanding of the facts about our eternal selves. Resources . . .

Dogma and Other Codified Doctrine Is Entirely in the Physical Realm

All codified spiritual insights are part of the physical realm, not the spiritual. As soon as they are represented in spoken or written symbols, they enter the physical realm and no longer are spiritual. However, the speaker or writer and the hearers or listeners can give them life and have spiritual experiences as a result. That means that creeds and dogmas are entirely physical realm entities. More . . .

The Heaven on Earth Stage of Spiritual Development

Two millennia ago, Yeshua taught about the kingdom of God and lived the model humankind could emulate in its evolution toward spiritual maturity. Some individuals today model Yeshua’s teaching, and we can see glimmers of it in books and movies that end with love conquering all and people living together in brotherhood. But for society as a whole, Yeshua’s teachings have had little effect. We are living in a spiritual dark age. The description that follows is what life on Earth would have been like if Yeshua’s followers had inaugurated the kingdom of God after his death. More . . .





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