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Chapter 9
What Are the Facts About the Afterlife?

The Bible and After-Death Communication

If you have been reared in the Christian tradition, you may have been taught that it is sinful or forbidden to communicate with those who have transitioned into the next plane of eternal life, you should know that nothing in Yeshua's teachings or the Christian tradition teaches that, and the Old Testament doesn't say what people suggest it says about the subject. Read the explanation at this link.

Lists of Genuine and Legitimate Mediums


A list of certified mediums is available at this link. Go there now.

Demons and the Devil

The concepts of demons and the devil evolved from very early in humankind’s religious stirrings. Humans assumed invisible humanlike creatures were responsible for changes in nature and humankind’s fortunes. However, they are myth. There are spirits on the next planes of life who are full of mischief and even wish to retard humankind's spiritual evolution. But they are not a devil or demons. More . . .

Interviews on Reincarnation and Past Lives

Recordings of researchers describing reincarnation and past life cases and research are available at goldenthread.com. Go there now.

Developing a Seance Circle

Two online sources describe how to develop a circle that can result in after-death communications:

London Home Circle
Interview with Leslie Flint

Descriptions of the Activities of Physical Mediums

A Web site has descriptions of a number of physical mediums. The physical mediums have things happen in the seance room, such as manifestations, voices, levitation, and objects appearing from nowhere. Look at the list of mediums and links

Recordings of Deceased People Speaking

Craig Hogan, author of Your Eternal Self, has a Web site devoted to the direct-voice and physical mediums, especially Leslie Flint. On it, you can listen to actual recordings of the deceased speaking. The Web site is at this link. Listen to the recordings.

David Thompson's Seances

David Thompson is an Australian medium, meaning those on the next planes of life speak audibly and materialize. Guests can touch the materialized people and speak with them in a normal conversation. The group in which holds seances is called the Circle of the Silver Cord. The link to the Web site with the recordings of his seances is at this link.

David Thompson

See Also the Resources for Chapter 2

These Chapter 9 resources focus on the nature of the afterlife. The Chapter 2 resources contain proof that the afterlife is as real as this life. Chapter 2 resources

Documentary Trailer About Induced After-Death Communication

A documentary about induced after-death communication is now being developed. You can see the trailer for the documentary at this link:
Documentary trailer


Induced After-Death Communication Web Site

The Web site that describes induced after-death communication (IADCTM) is http://induced-adc.com.

Video of a Young Boy Describing His Past Life

In this video, you listen to a young boy describe his past life and go with the interviewer and the boy's mother to see if they can find the place. View the video.

Books on the Afterlife

An excellent bibliography of books about the afterlife is available at this link. Bibliography

Animals and the Afterlife

This link contains information about animals and pets in the afterlife.Animals and pets

Reunions in the Afterlife

The Leslie Flint seances include the accounts by many on the next plane of life describing the reunions they have with loved ones and pets who have crossed over before them. They are touching and give insights into the period after death. Listen to the reunions.

A Man's Deceased Son Saves Him

February 28, 2008. A man's house was burning as he searched frantically inside amid the smoke and flames for his four-year-old son. He heard a child's voice, "Daddy, get out of here." The man tried to break a window and he heard the voice again, "Daddy, get out of here." He broke the window and escaped. As he looked back at the thoroughly engulfed house, knowing his son was lost, he saw the figures of his son and his father who had died a year before, and he knew his son was still alive after death and now with his father. View the video.





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