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Chapter 6
What Is Spirituality?

Spirituality Is Not Dogma

All codified spiritual insights are part of the physical realm, not the spiritual. As soon as they are represented in spoken or written symbols, they enter the physical realm and no longer are spiritual. However, the speaker or writer and the hearers or listeners can give them life and have spiritual experiences as a result. More . . .

Stages in Spiritual Growth

Humankind will grow through stages to reach the heaven on Earth that the luminaries such as Yeshua ben Yosef envisioned. Today, humankind is at a primitive spiritual level of development. The next stages will be the good-neighbor society and then heaven on Earth. More . . .

People's Mistaken Beliefs Today About Spiritual Maturity

Today, people’s conceptions of spiritual maturity have been shaped by the church, not by the Holy Spirit speaking to individuals through Yeshua’s teachings. We are, in other words, spiritual creations of the church. Our own understanding from the Holy Spirit and our own knowledge of Yeshua’s teachings are rudimentary or lacking entirely. More . . .





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