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Chapter 2
What Are You?

The Bible and After-Death Communication

If you have been reared in the Christian tradition, you may have been taught that it is sinful or forbidden to communicate with those who have transitioned into the next plane of eternal life, you should know that nothing in Yeshua's teachings or the Christian tradition teaches that, and the Old Testament doesn't say what people suggest it says about the subject. Read the explanation at this link.

A Mother Talks to Her Deceased Son

Michael Fearon was killed in WWII on June 9, 1944. He came through in a Leslie Flint seance speaking to his mother, as he often did. She was certain her conversations were with her son. You can listen to a recording of one of the seances. The recording was the subject of a BBC interview on October 8, 1963.




Best Cases Demonstrating Survival of Human Personality

The authors of this Web site use a scoring system to determine the best cases demonstrating the reality of the afterlife. Go to the Web site.

Book: A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife

Victor Zammit assembled the best evidence for existence of the afterlife and published it in this book. The book is available from his Web site. The Web site contains a wealth of other information about psychic activity and the afterlife:   http://www.victorzammit.com


Book: Is There an Afterlife (David Fontana, O Books, 2005)

David Fontana's book is probably the most complete exploration of the evidence for the afterlife.


Weblog: Better Evidence post by Michael Prescott


Web site: The Survival Top 40 by Miles Edward Allen


Web site: Nothing Better Than Death by Kevin R. Williams

See Also the Resources for Chapter 9

These Chapter 2 resources focus on proof that the afterlife is as real as this life. The Chapter 9 resources describe what we know about the nature of the afterlife. Chapter 9 resources

Video Trailers with Dr. Botkin and Experiencers of Induced After-Death Communication

Two video trailers developed to propose a not-yet produced documentary on induced after-death communication are available for you to watch. Choose a speed at which you can view one. The two versions are different, so if you have a high-speed connection, view both:
High Speed       Dialup


Book Describing Induced After-Death Communication

The book describing induced after-death communications, with 84 actual cases and the explanation of how the therapy is done, is published by Hampton Roads.   More . . .


Near-Death Experiences Web Sites

The most complete assemblage of information about near-death experiences that is available on the Web is at near-death.com..

The following Web sites are also excellent sources for information:

Raymond Moody's Web site
Melvin Morse's Web site
Article by the International Association of Near-Death Studies (IANDS)

Children and NDEs, Pre-death Visions, and ADCs

Melvin L. Morse, M.D., is author of "Near Death Experiences and Death-Related Visions in Children: Implications for the Clinician," an online summary of the literature. Go there now.

Books with Cases of After-Death Communication

These books are recommended reading:

Morse, Melvin with Perry, Paul, Parting Visions: An Exploration of Pre-Death Psychic and Spiritual Experiences, New York: Villard/Random House 1994.

Amatuzio, Janis. Forever Ours: A Forensic Pathologist's Perspective on Immortality and Living - A Collection of Real-Life Stories, Minneapolis, MN: Midwest Forensic Pathology, P.A.

Electronic Voice and Instrumental Transcommunication

Your Eternal Self has nothing about electronic voice phenomena (EVP) or instrumntal transcommunication (ITC), but there is much convincing evidence coming from tape recordings, photographs, and video recordings showing that people on the next plane of life are able to communicate through electronic devices. For more, go to http://www.itcbridge.com/itc.html. The site contains a list of links in the right column.

Some remarkable photographs show that those who have transitioned into the next realm can influence the way photographs develop. Go to this uplifting, heartwarming Web site: http://www.oursonbilly.com:80/





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