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Chapter 10
Recent Indications the
Mind Forms the Brain

The Brain Cannot Create Electricity

Pim von Lommel, cardiologist in the Division of Cardiology, Hospital Rijnstate, Arnheim, Neetherlands, explained that the non-physical mind has no ability to create electricity to stimulate the brain to recreate a remembered image. You may read his entire discussion at this link: "Neurophysiology in a normal functioning brain."

Biophysicists Can Detect No Electrical Activity in Sensory Neurons

Thomas Heimburg, associate professor of biophysics at the Niels Bohr Institute at Copenhagen University, and Andrew D. Jackson, professor of theoretical physics at Copenhagen University, have been attempting to detect the heat from the electricity when impulses are traveling along nerves to produce sensory experiences. They can find none. You can read more about that at this link: "Scientists challenge the notion that electrical nerve impulses convey sensory information to the brain."

The Brain Just Reflects What the Mind Has Already Seen

Scott Murray, University of Washington psychology professor, and two colleagues, studied whether the brain registers the size of objects in an optical illusion using the same amount of brain area to register the objects. The researchers found that the brain registered a larger area for the object that appeared larger, suggesting that the mind is forming the brain rather than the brain acting as a machine that simply records actual sizes based on the amount of area an object occupies on the retina. You can read more here: "There's more than meets the eye."





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